I was so excited to put these bad boys together. I have been buying things here and there the past two months (best way to do it) & I wanted to share with you all our favorite things this year. Jaxs basket is geared towards a bigger boy. Id say 5-10ish & Savvys basket is geared towards 3-6 year old girl.
Now where the heck do i hide these big ass things before Easter? 
Items are from Amazon, target, small shops & walmart.
Click photos to shop:
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The best chalk ever!! It writes so well. Yoobi chalk  
Chalk tip: wet your chalk and it writes so much smoother. 
This sweet little play camera from a group I found on facebook.
Search Facebook: Axel's Pixels VIP
George Hats is hands down the best little snap backs for babies, toddlers and even adults to twin with your little one. 
By far the coolest playdough my kids will ever play with & their branding...look how freakin cute these "scoops" are. I got Jax the black space one & Savvy got the unicorn sparkle 
Tubby Todd. Natural hair & body wash. 
No introduction needed. The only shoe you should ever wear with your Raxtin denim. B&W checkered is a classic.
YOU GUYS!! They are on sale for 8.00 right now.
Hide + Seek
The best fitting sunnies
These shipped so freakin fast and the perfect touch to personalize their easter
NO spill ever and drinks stay cold for summer.
Our favorite 
We love pairing June & January with our Raxtin denim.
This spring this yellow peplum will be paired with our Raxtin bell bottoms.
My kids are obsessed with bath bombs and when i stumbled upon these it was a no brainer. MUST GET!
The most rad temporary tattoos!
The freakin' cutest girly accessories. You should see the little hats and purses they have. To die for!
Savvy loves chapstick but she always puts the lid in her mouth. (Am i the only one who is constantly terrified there toddler will choke on something? )I found these character head chapsticks at target that are perfect. The lid is too big to fit in her mouth and it makes me feel better about letting her walk around with it, applying it over & over.
We wanna see your easter baskets!!! Tag us on instagram @raxtinclothingco

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